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Coding Quest

Coding Quest (Grades 4-5)


What is Coding Quest?

Coding Quest is a scope and sequence for Grade 4/5 students to explore Coding using the program Scratch on Chromebooks. It begins with everyone learning scratch and suggests that students break into groups with each student taking on a different role. This scope and sequence, timing and resource, can all be flexible to your comfort and style. Ultimately, it culminates in a student arcade event in June where groups or individuals share their creation which is a video game packaged with research and rationale, branding, marketing, and story all ending with a video game. The framework can range from a STEM structure inquiry learning unit based on science content to an independent study through a coding club.

The program culminates in a regional Arcade hosted in June.

The Coding Quest has a flexible curriculum framework that can be tailored to teachers’ preferences and levels of expertise. Teachers are assisted as they deliver an adjustable framework, through an in-service workshop and online resources via The Learning Partnership’s eLearning Moodle and in class support.


How do I get started?

  1. Request a Scratch Teacher account and set up a classroom here (Check out our class builder guide here)
  2. Visit The Learning Partnership , to make an account and use the following enrolment keys: CQON21
  3. Access the Coding Quest Teacher Resource Package here
  4. Educators in SD61 – Register for future information and events here 

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