Elem: Blended Learning

Welcoming students back into school buildings provides educators with an opportunity to determine how instruction can happen using a blend of in-class and remote learning strategies.

If teachers start by planning remote learning first, those activities can be used during face-to-face instruction, along with adaptations for students who need additional support and extensions for children of Essential Service Workers who attend for additional days.

Below are resources & activities that can be used when planning for both remote and in-class learning. You may also want to check out our Considerations for Reopening Elementary Classrooms

This site was last updated on June 16, 2020

Social-Emotional Learning  & Core Competencies

Every SD61 elementary school has a Second Step kit to support social-emotional learning; the program also includes many online components. Connect with Marnice Jones, the Healthy, Safe, and Caring Schools coordinator, if you need help accessing the digital resources for your students.

Be Like the Eagle Support for SEL and physical distancing

English Template for a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt (SD 69)

French Template for a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

21 Day Kindness Challenge (Physically Distanced Version)

Kindness Ninja Inquiry Workbook 

French Kindness Ninja Inquiry Workbook

Be Like Ishi – BC Kids Sharing Positivity

Lesson Plan: Gratitude Photo/Art Project 

8 Activities to Foster Gratitude with Children & Youth

Sample Memory Project for Primary Students – (SD69) 

Sample Memory Project for Intermediate Students (SD69)

ADST Challenges for Children 

K-5 Competency-based Lesson Sets (SD36)

30 Day Walking Challenge with Connections to First Peoples’ Principles of Learning (SD36)

Creating Class Communities Remotely

WE Learning at Home lessons

Keep Learning BC

Keep Learning BC – French Language Resources

Open School Quebec – French as a Second Language Elementary Resources

Canadian Parents for French Early Learning Activity Book

Monthly French as a Second Language Family Activities


Physical & Health Education

Games with Physical Distancing

Outdoor Chalk Challenge

YGym – Virtual Physical Activity for Kids

Astronaut COVID Training Game for Social Distancing



Outdoor Literacy Ideas

POPEY K-3 Literacy Home Learning Resources (BC Provincial Outreach Program for the Early Years)

Video – How to Support Children Learning to Read at Home – with thanks to Mrs. Glover & Mr. Pantaleo

Story Studio – tips & resources to support young writers at home by this excellent Victoria non-profit

Low Tech/No Tech Remote Literacy Ideas

SD61 Elementary Library Website

 SD61 Elementary Library Website French Immersion Resources

Tumblebooks French



 Math Learning Walks

Outdoor Math (BC Numeracy Network)

Indigenous Stories with Math (SFU)

‘Talking Math’ Slides & Activities by Grade Level

Downloadable Weekly Math Lessons by Grade Level for Home & School (Janice Novakowski)

Remote Learning Math Activities by Grade Level (Fawn Nguyen)

SD61 Power of Ten Primary Math Projects

SD61 Power of Ten Intermediate Math Projects

Three Act Math Tasks (Dan Meyer)

Esti-Mysteries (Steve Wyborney)

How to Access Nikki Lineham’s Educating Now – for SD61 Staff

Parent Information for Supporting Math Learning at Home

Figure This – Fun Math Problems and Challenges

Free Math Apps (Number Frames, Number Lines, Fraction Models, Clocks . . .)

Virtual Math Tools and Games

Youcubed – Great Math Teaching ideas from Jo Boler et al

N-rich – Teacher Support, Student Tasks

Desmos – Teacher Support and Student Tasks

Numeracy Planning Considerations

Essential Ideas in Math Pre K- grade 2 (What’s key for students to learn)

Essential Ideas in Math Grades 3 – 5 (What’s key for students to learn)

Math Curriculum Competencies K-5 Overview


SD61 Examples of Remote Learning

Many teachers are using FreshGrade and Google Classroom as their access points for remote learning. Some have chosen to add a website or a YouTube channel to support large file uploads. You can see some examples below.

If you need support for creating and maintaining a digital platform, please visit the SD61 Tech for Learning Distance Learning Site

Thanks to those teachers who volunteered to share their sites. If you have examples of remote learning to share, please send them to learningteam@sd61.bc.ca

Kindergarten Remote Learning with Mrs. Shortt

Grade 1 Remote Learning with Mrs. Cullen, Mrs. Haymes, & Mrs. Michael

Grade 2-3 Remote Learning with Mr. & Mrs. Marta

K-5 Music Learning with Mrs. Jones

Grade 4/5 Remote Learning with Mrs. Kivell – in collaboration with Mr. Mitchell & Mrs. Johnson

French Immersion Classes

La maternelle avec Mme. Rebecca: Video Sample #1 and Video Sample #2

Grade 4/5 FRIMM  Remote Learning with Mme. Clausen & Mme. Rolston