2016-2017 ELGs

Planning Framework: Collaborative Inquiry

2016 – 2017 Enhancing Learning Grants

Elementary SchoolsQuestion(s):Enhancing Learning GrantModern Language Grant
BraefootHow will we be able to apply what we learn at the GAFE conference to outdoor inquiry projects to increase engagement and to make learning meaningful for our students?X
Campus ViewHow will the organization and facilitation of school-wide collaborative inquiry teams impacts teachers' abilities to increase opportunities for 'thinking" across the curriculum X
CraigflowerHow can we foster growth in students' personal and social competencies to prepare them for learning?X
CraigflowerWill weekly teacher collaboration around specific multi-sensory reading and spelling strategies improve student literacy rates by June 2017?X
DoncasterWill an inclusive learning support model designed around the new curricular competencies in writing meet the needs of all our learners?X
DoncasterHow can we use drama and storytelling to improve our French Immersion students' oral language skills in French?X
Frank HobbsHow do Makerspaces help develop language acquisition and support inquiry in an inclusive student centred learning environment? How do Makerspaces support the Spirit of Alliances in developing the Gifts of the Raven (cleverness and imagination) and the Gift of the Wolf (development of interpersonal skills)?X
George JayWhat do pre-coding skills look like, and how would we approach non-technical coding? Will non-technical coding skills transfer to computers and iPads and contribute to greater understanding of computer literacy as a whole?X
George JayWill research-based online reading interventions that focus on improving the brain's processing skills, such as SciLearn's Fast ForWord, improve reading and language acquisition in ELL learners and other at-risk students struggling with reading and other language deficits?X
HillcrestWill using an Aboriginal context to teach social-emotional competencies create, strengthen and deepen our students' understanding of themselves and others?X
James Bay CommunityWill the use of FreshGrade learning portfolios lead to greater student and parent engagement?X
Lake HillWill reinstating school-wide writes and creating a student-friendly assessment tool for each grade level increase student achievement in the area of writing?X
MacaulayIn what ways could a collaborative Makerspace support the Applied Design, Skills and Technology curriculum outcomes and help students develop core competency skills?X
Margaret JenkinsIs the Second Step Pro-Social Self-Regulation Curriculum effective in increasing pro-social behaviour and decreasing discipline referrals by teaching behaviours such as empathy, impulse control/problem solving, and anger management in the schools?X
McKenzieDoes the use of a Writer's Workshop structure for writing improve student engagement in writing and, as a result, improve overall writing?X
McKenzieHow can we facilitate success for all students to move beyond integration to successful and meaningful inclusion?X
NorthridgeWill grouping students with mixed ability groupings support learning rather than grouping strictly by ability levels?X
OaklandsWill providing guided reading (side by side teaching) instruction substantially accelerate the progress of Grade 1 students? How will this research-based teaching approach affect students' awareness and use of reading strategies reading gains. X
Quadra (w/ Shoreline)How will incorporating Makerspace into our classroom learning promote inclusion by meeting the needs and strengthening abilities of all learners?X
QuadraDoes the inquiry based model enhance, engage and include all learners in the classroom environment while connecting to the new curriculum?X
QuadraHow can we use technology to engage learners in both coding and communicating their mathematical thinking?X
RogersWill the study of local aboriginal history about Rogers/Christmas Hill area by staff and students increase empathy, reconciliation and understanding of the First People's Principles of Learning within the school community? X
Sir James DouglasDoes intentionally identifying, monitoring, mentoring, and supporting students who struggle with social competence improve their ability to self-regulate, feelings of connection to the school and overall academic achievement?X
South Parkhow can teacher collaboration within an inclusive classroom setting support diverse learners?X
Strawberry ValeHow can we incorporate the use of Core Competencies into a study of our local environment and stewardship initiations?X
TillicumHow are we going to use a multi-faceted approach (technology, game, conversation, experts, multi-grade grouping) to enhance our students' understanding that there are many ways to tell stories (music, puppets, dance, totems, poetry, cartoon)? X
TorquayHow will “Think-quiry” (aka Makerspace) facilitate a sense of belonging and create a safe environment for students and staff to collaborate, take learning risks, and make meaningful reflections?X
Victoria WestWill students who had a FreshGrade portfolio last year that documented reading strategies and those gifted books for home libraries at the end of the year continue a steady progress through the reading levels in grade one? Furthermore, will using a reading progress scale that indicates reading skills help develop a better understanding of reading for students and parents and in turn accelerate individual reading growth?X
View Royal #1How will incorporating the learning standards from Applied Design, Skills & Technologies across all curricular areas develop and foster young students' Core Competencies X
View Royal #2What factors influence how parents, students and teachers feel engaged in & informed by their child's learning & progress using the FreshGrade portfolio platform as a reporting system? X
WillowsHow will exposure to the natural local environment improve students' understanding of and connection to the local environment?X
WillowsHow can we redesign our classrooms by creating zones that follow the Reggio inspired principles of 'the environment as the third teacher' to allow for a more emergent and student-centred curriculum?X
Middle Schools
Arbutus GlobalDoes the inclusion of Aboriginal drumming in our school assemblies and classes increase a sense of belonging in our Aboriginal students? Does the inclusion of Aboriginal drumming provide students with a deeper connection to their learning on residential schools and to the role that all Canadians play in reconciliation?X
Arbutus GlobalCan a middle school community inquiry about complex social justice issues using visual media have significant impact on both student understanding of issues and empowerment to make changes?X
Cedar HillWill a focus on teaching to develop competencies lead students to a deeper understanding of the Big Ideas in Social Studies (as opposed to covering content)? Will this new approach to Social Studies lead to deeper engagement/interest?X
CentralHow can we use basic coding to enhance our students' learning?X
CentralWhat strategies promote meaningful language acquisition in grade 6 and 7 Core French classes? Will using CI (Comprehensible Input) methodologies and materials such as TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) increase student fluency and confidence as we work towards an understanding of the Big Ideas in the new Core French Curriculum?X
ColquitzWIll the integration of Aboriginal Ways of Knowing in remedial reading intervention increase student engagement and improve reading skills of the Indigenous student population in middle school?X
ColquitzHow does using and creating stories enhance language acquisition and promote understanding of culture?X
ColquitzHow can the implementation of a Makerspace support the development of the core competencies of creative and critical thinking skills as well as fostering community at Colquitz? X
GlanfordIs our current learning support model meeting the needs of students at Glanford? What is inclusive education and how are we practicing it at Glanford? Could the learning support model at Glanford be more aligned inclusive education practices?X
Gordon HeadHow can the highly engaging game-based structures of Breakout EDU be used across the new curriculum to provide students with opportunities to practice the core competencies?X
Gordon HeadCan we engage the entire school population to consider their learning "Superpower" and define/train/strengthen a power they wish to be stronger?X
LansdowneWill students who are reading below grade level (designated, non-designated, ELL) improve their reading by at least one year within a 16 week period if intensive small group instruction is provided? X
LansdowneHow will outdoor activities that connect students to the natural world impact our refugee newcomers' "sense of place" and subsequently their confidence socially and academically?X
LansdowneWhat happens when emerging language learners are taught through comprehensible input in all subject areas, in particular social studies and natural sciences?X
Monterey (w/ Oak Bay)How can a student-inquiry, project-based learning focus amplify student engagement and learning? ($1000 per school)X
MontereyHow does using a diagnostic tool (The ASK - Smart Learning Applying SKills and Knowledge Diagnostic) matched with strategic planning and teaching, impact student competence and confidence to summarize, synthesize and evaluate a big idea in a text as well as apply their skills, knowledge and competencies to a high inference task? Sub-questions: How does structuring talk impact student confidence in relation to responding to a high-inference task? How might co-constructing criteria with students for reading and writing impact student goal setting, reflecting and confidence? How might student goal setting and reflecting based on their results from the ASK as well as ongoing assessment impact overall student achievement?X
RockheightsHow does focusing on identity through special meanings and stories helps students to become more confident about themselves as individuals and learners?X
RockheightsHow will moving to a Learning Commons model support a collaborative learning environment?X
Shoreline Community (w/ Quadra)How will incorporating Makerspace into our classroom learning promote inclusion by meeting the needs and strengthening abilities of all learners?X
ShorelineHow is inquiry best designed and facilitated to ensure engagement and promotion of deep learning for ALL students when empowering learners to understand the influence of healthy choices on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being?X
Secondary Schools
Esquimalt High #1Can we create more connectedness to FN culture in our curriculum through traditional drumming and singing?X
Esquimalt High #2How will empathy promote positive change in the classroom and community?X
Esquimalt High #3How will teaching the Lekwungen language to students in a Land Based Program increase the connection to our Aboriginal communities?X
Lambrick ParkWill there be an observable positive effect on the level of school engagement for our at-risk and special needs grade 9 students when they participate in a project-based, integrated studies project in Textiles Art, Humanities, and Science?X
Mount Douglas #1 (w/ Oak Bay) How will developing competence in outdoor activities increase confidence and encourage lifelong participation in the outdoors?X
Mount Douglas #2How can we use standards-based assessment in a variety of subject areas (Tech, Business, Math, Science, and English) to enhance learning and improve reporting to parents as we more proficiently implement the new curriculum?X
Mount Douglas #3As per new Grade 9 science curriculum (p. 18) how can science teachers best deliver "First Peoples' knowledge of interconnectedness and sustainability?"X
Oak Bay High #1Within the new 10-12 Language Arts curriculum, how will the rubrics we develop and co-develop with students promote learning and achievement as well as ensure they have the core foundation to be able to delve deeper into their passions with confidence?X
Oak Bay High #2By involving students in a 4 year digital Capstone project that allows students to intersect their personal interests and aspirations, will student motivation, engagement, and learning improve?X
Oak Bay High #3 (w/ Mt Doug)How will developing competence in outdoor activities increase confidence and encourage lifelong participation in the outdoors? ($2000 per school)X
Oak Bay High* #4 (w/ Monterey)How can a student-inquiry, project-based learning focus amplify student engagement and learning? ($1000 per school)X
Reynolds #1How do we inspire our students to create a collaborative digital multi-modal artifact and ensure it is relatable, relevant, empowering, and has a positive impact on their community?X
Reynolds #2How could we develop a Human Geography 11 course that would be accessible by all learners - with a specific focus on both French Immersion and ESL learners? X
Reynolds #3How will the acquisition and implementation of texts written in a variety of languages support English Language learners in building communication and thinking competencies?X
Spectrum #1 (Joint Vic High)How might we effectively engage female students in the Physical Education setting to continue activity, leisure pursuits and interests in the senior grades and beyond?X
Spectrum #2 How can we make the new Social Studies curriculum a more relevant and accessible subject area?X
Spectrum #3How does digital technology allow special education art and PE students to connect with their natural environment (eg the outdoor world) and to supplement their creative process and/or end product?X
Spectrum #4How will the use of TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) improve language acquisition and fluency in the second language classroom?X
Victoria High #1To what extent can a Professional Learning Community (PLC) focused on utilizing educational technology enhance learning? How does utilizing technology support BC's new curriculum and build 21st century competencies? X
Victoria High #2How can sustainable eating, understanding where your food comes from, and knowing what goes into your body, benefit the nutrition of the adolescent mind, body, and the wellbeing of the human species and planet?X
Victoria High #3 (w/ Spectrum)How might we effectively engage female students in the Physical Education setting to continue activity, leisure pursuits and interests in the senior grades and beyond?X
Victoria High #4As per new Grade 9 science curriculum (p. 18) how can science teachers best deliver "First Peoples' knowledge of interconnectedness and sustanability?"X
SJ Willis How do we use the principles of UDL and SRL to engage a group of diverse learners who have historically struggled with attendance, motivation, and successX