2017-2018 ELGs

Planning Framework: Collaborative Inquiry

Enhancing Learning Grants – 2017 – 2018

School Action Research Questions
Craigflower In what ways could inquiry based STEM projects support the ADST curriculum outcomes and help students develop core competency skills?
Cloverdale How does working through weekly integrated ADST inquiry stations support students’ critical and creative thinking development?
McKenzie Using the big ideas from the ADST area of the curriculum, specifically that technologies are tools that extend human capabilities and that the choice of technology and tools depends on the task, our team will investigate the use of STEM and coding as a means of developing students problem solving and critical and creative thinking skills
Strawberry Vale

Strawberry Vale

How can we help teachers teach the ADST curriculum through mobile maker space units?

Nature Education

View Royal We are wondering if a collaborative makerspace experience could increase the engagement of our ELL learners in accessing the ADST curriculum outcomes while additionally supporting all of our students in developing core competency skills
Lake Hill How can we use the ADST curriculum, specifically Maker Space and coding, to drive self-evaluation of the core competencies?
Frank Hobbs How does the ADST curriculum offer opportunities for students to develop rich reflection skills focusing on the core competencies of Communication, the Wolf, (explain, recount, and reflect); and Critical Thinking, the Raven, (analyze and critique) within both a classroom and Makerspace (LLC) setting? (2)
Willows-MargaretJenkins-Quadra How can I teacher-librarian support meaningful learning opportunities through the Curricular Competencies integrated with Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies? (Powell, Maddern, Dempsey, Holob)
Central Can co-creation with students of a learning toolkit clarify expectations (core competencies and curricular competencies) and improve their ability to self assess, reflect, and set goals? Will this more precise understanding of expectations help students choose appropriate tools to improve their own learning?
Esquimalt High How can teachers collaborate to support student in their ability to reflect on and articulate their understandings of their own core competencies?
Spectrum An Inquiry into Digital Citizenship: Resources for Teachers and Students
Oak Bay How can the new media of podcasting be used to enhance student in the English classroom?
Willows How does collaboratively planning with effective educational philosophies using Hyperdocs shift the way we instruct with technology and support students’ engagement ? (1) (50%)
Campus View

How does using a year-long personal progress portfolio improve student ownership of learning?

Cedar Hill Can collaborative (teacher/student) reflection and assessment through portfolio-based assessment help increase student ownership of their own learning?
Gordon Head How might digital portfolios (using G-Suite EDU & Google Sites) increase student confidence and overall student achievement? ( a. How might technology increase the visibility of student self-assessment, goal setting and reflection for students, parents, teachers and other educational stakeholders?)( b.How does transforming the curricular and core competencies into student-friendly “I can…” statements impact students’ understanding of learning goals and subsequently their confidence in goal setting, reflecting and planning next steps?)
Quadra How does FreshGrade connect with the greater learning community?
George Jay How will outdoor playful invitations, combined with some destruction recess activities, encourage our learner population to play, inquire and exercise during our recess and outdoor learning times?
Hillcrest How can we use the Reggio approach and Outdoor Learning (Forest School) as ways to teach about how First Nations Peoples lived off the land, and their connections to the land and place? Will this learning change / enhance the students’ own perspectives and feelings toward their environment and sense of place?
Rogers In what ways will a school-wide day of place and nature-based learning help connect students to the world outside the classroom, promote student engagement and self-regulation, and meet the goals of the new curriculum?
Tillicum How can our grade 4/5 and grade 2 classes learn environmental awareness, First Nations perspectives, outdoor exploration and mindfulness through nature journaling to share with a kindergarten / grade 1 class and the school community?
Willows How can we (the Wolf Club – K/1 teachers at Willows) use the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning to deepen our students’ connection with the native plants in this place? (2) (50%)
Victoria West How will the participation of students in the library makerspace program support the growth of Creative and Critical thinking competencies for variety of grade groups?
Willows-GeorgeJay-Hillcrest (Powell, Baker, Lim, Smith) How can shifting our elementary libraries to a whole-school Learning Commons model support student learning beyond the classroom and what does this vision look like in different schools?
Oaklands By focusing on improving teaching and learning, will providing intensive modified guided reading (side-by-side teaching) instruction substantially accelerate the progress of Low Incidence students? How will this research-based teaching approach affect students’ awareness and use of reading strategies in sustaining reading gains?
Rockheights Focus classroom conversations on awareness about reading strategies, reading identity and book talks, to what extent do students become more involved readers?
Sir James Douglas How do we, efficiently and effectively, using the resources and expertise available in our school, provide K/1 best practices in literacy instruction to our youngest children in an inclusive setting that supports? (1)
Braefoot How may we use technology to improve student output and acheivement with Math Journals?
Marigold If we provide meaningful opportunities for students to participate in math games and coding in the classroom, will they gain a deeper and broader understanding of math concepts?
Mount Douglas We are looking into designing inquiry based approaches for the new Science 10 curriculum.
Oak Bay How can the use of place-based learning and inquiry enhance student achievement in the new curriculum and their connection with their community while increasing students’ understanding of traditional ecological knowledge and First Nations ways of knowing?
Victoria High What is the future potential of DNA gene splicing in regards to medicine and agriculture? How does the biotechnology work?
Doncaster How can we incorporate the Health Education curriculum big idea that “good health comprises physical, mental and emotional well-being” into our classrooms and our daily practices to promote better mental health and learning among our students?
Frank Hobbs If students understand and apply the concepts of a growth mindset, will they be better able to develop as self-regulated learners? (1)
James Bay Community With the implrementation of self-regulation strategies will students be able to recognize emotions, manage feelings, persevere with challenging tasks, adjust plan and take ownership for learning ( see self-regulation “I Statements”)
Macaulay How will increasing our understanding of SEL concepts and practices improve our students’ ability to remain calm, alert and ready to learn? How will the use of mindfulness practices and movement increase student ability to engage in and improve their ability to learn? A particular focus will be on identifying aspects of the revised curriculum’s core competencies that are associated with SEL and self-regulation.
Monterey #1 and #2 – same question To what degree and to what extent will the implementation of approaches and strategies related to social-emotional development – embedded within the personal and social responsibility core competencies of the redesigned curriculum – further students’ success at school?
Northridge How will the implementation of self-regulation strategies across the school impact pro-social behavior and specifically support students with anxiety to productively engage in various learning environments?
Margaret Jenkins Is the Second Step Pro-Social Self-Regulation Curriculum combined with the ANED Spirit of Alliances effective in increasing pro-social behavior and strengthening the core competencies of communication, thinking and personal and social awareness in each student demonstrating increased personal values, self-awareness is the learner, building relationships, contributing to community and care for the environment and others?
South Park How will an in-depth school-wide inquiry/theme, based in the Spirit of Alliances, impact student development?
Torquay Will introducing Peace Tables along with the story Footprints, a four-totem animal story on problem solving, to our students and staff, aid in the ability for students to become more independent and productive in solving problems peacefully in the classroom and on the playground?
Cedar Hill Will participating in regular interactions where we share time in circle, food, art, music, language and stories with local Elders and First Nations community members be an effective way for students to develop an understanding of Aboriginal worldviews and perspectives?
Craigflower Primarily, how do we integrate classroom curriculum with Indigineous ways of knowing and learning, and how can we foster strength-based connection and collaboration between a primary class at South Park and a primary class at Craigflower?
Glanford Extent of teachers at Glanford Middle School been effective in implementing the Victoria School District’s goal of addressing the unique needs and building on the strengths of Aboriginal leaders?
Shoreline Community Will observation, storytelling, and community mapping create a sense of belonging to and responsibility for the place in which we live and learn?

2017 – 2018 Modern Language Language Grants

Lansdowne How does implementing PechaKucha engage students in effectively developing and demonstrating curricular competencies?
Oak Bay Will an inquiry-based capstone novel study project, that both explores cultural connections within the Francophone world and mirrors the five key competencies laid out in the new LA curriculum enhance our Francais Langue 12 students’ understanding of cultural perspective and diversity in language expression?
Central How can we scaffold French Immersion students’ language learning needs to support their oral interaction during paired reading in Language Arts as well as during paired problem solving Math?
Colquitz #2 How can we use oral, written, and visual stories to learn high frequency vocabulary, sentence and story structure as well as learning about Francophone and Francophone First Nations communities across Canada?
Arbutus How can Late Immersion teachers transform the vocabulary-heavy Science curriculum content to become more accessible to their learners?
Shoreline How can picture books be used in late immersion Social Studies classes to enhance learners’ depth of understanding of complex global issues?
Craigflower Would a visual and kinesthetic oral language story-telling tool improve students’ engagement and metalinguistic awareness?
Oaklands Will providing intensive modified guided reading (side by side teaching) instruction and an oral language intervention substantially accelerate the progress of oral language and reading acquisition for ELL students?
Quadra How can we improve student literacy outcomes in French Immersion using the Joyful Literacy Blitz model of tracking and intervention.
Cloverdale How can we use technology to support ELL students in their classrooms?
McKenzie Does allowing ELL students to write curriculum content in both English and their first language (dual language texts) deepen their understanding of the course content as evidenced by higher levels of creative and criticaal thinking and contribute to a greater sense of beloning, social and emotiuonal wellbeing within the school?
Sir James Douglas Can we use technology (especially Google Suite) to create authentic connections to French language and francophone culture?
Colquitz #1 How does using the TPRS method affect student understanding, language retention, and student confidence in Core French?
Glanford Will using TPRS enhance students’ comprehension and verbal participation in core French class?
Gordon Head How might TPRS impact student activity and achievement?