2018-2019 ELGs

Planning Framework: Collaborative Inquiry

2018 – 2019 Enhancing Learning Grants


School Topic Type of Grant
Braefoot Strength Based Class Profiles ELG
Braefoot Collaborative Co-Teaching/Learning Commons ELG
Cloverdale Spirit of Alliances & FPPL Self Paced ELG
Cloverdale Increasing ELL reading online ELL
Craigflower Collaborative Time & Formative Assessment ELG
Doncaster Alternate Work Environments ELG
Doncaster FRIMM/Music to foster new vocabulary MLG
Eagle View Collaborative planning and UDL ELG
Frank Hobbs Assessment for Learning ELG / MLG
George Jay Common Learning Spaces- connectedness ELG
George Jay Gardening Social emotional learning ELG
George Jay Felted Storyboards Language acquisition MLG
Hillcrest Design Thinking ELG
Hillcrest ELL Participate in Oral language presentations ELL
James Bay Joyful Literacy ELG
Lakehill Alternate Seating and activity breaks ELG
Marigold Self Regulation Tools ELG
Marigold Carnaval- extra French Literacy MLG
Margaret Jenkins Fostering inclusive community-school wide initiatives ELG
McKenzie Low Incidence Integration ELG
McKenzie ELL: Improving home/school connections ELL
Northridge Self Regulation & Prosocial Behaviour ELG
Oaklands In class modified guided reading ELG
Quadra Calm spaces & trauma informed practice ELG
Quadra Interest driven differentiation MLG
Rogers Nature Ed fostering Social Wellness ELG
Straw Vale Nature Ed fostering Social Wellness ELG
Straw Vale ADST and mobile makerspace ELG
SJD FIKA & Problem Solving MLG
SJD Critical Readers ELG
Tillicum ADST and Local Animals ELG
Torquay Reading Rocks ELG
View Royal SEL Practises ELG
Vic West Story Workshops ELG
Vic West Oral Language & Numeracy ELL
Willows Learning Spaces that amplify student learning ELG
Elem Librarians – Willows/ Craigflower/ Frank Hobbs Collaborative Planning ELG


School Topic Type of Grant
Arbutus School Garden and FPPL ELG
Cedar Hill Social Actions for Climate Change ELG
Cedar Hill Multi-Disciplinary Art-Based Inquiry ELG
Central Digital Filmmaking and Social Justice ELG
Central FRIMM and Design Thinking MLG
Colquitz Diversifying teaching for UDL and Aboriginal Ways of Knowing ELG
Glanford Creation of Aboriginal drums to support connectedness and reconciliation ELG
Gordon Head Collaborative Anchoring of Student Writing ELG
Gordon Head Involving ELL Students to choose library resources MLG
Gordon Head (with Lambrick) Student Mentoring Model ELG
Lansdowne Flexible Seating ELG
Monterey Grade Wide Math Games ELG
Rockheights Cafe Reading Strategies ELG
Rockheights Implementing Mental Health Curriculum- Impact on Mental Literacy ELG
Shoreline Traditional teachings & Canoeing ELG
Shoreline Values of Trust to teach Lekwungen ELG


School Topic Type of Grant
Esquimalt Adaptive Learning Technology for struggling Math students ELG
Lambrick Information Literacy & Science Inquiry ELG
Lambrick Differentiation ELG
Lambrick Free text/choice and language acquisition MLG
Lambrick (with Gordon Head) Student mentoring model ELG
Mt. Doug Tablet/Google Classroom & Differentiation ELG
Oak Bay Competency Charts in Numeracy ELG
Oak Bay Place-based Learning @ Bowker Creek ELG
SJ Willis Literacy Interventions in Alternate Learning Environments ELG
Spectrum Embedded Literacy learning into Cultural Connections class ELG
Partners & Pathways Capstone project with multiple schools ELG