2019-2020 ELGs

Planning Framework: Collaborative Inquiry

Enhancing Learning Grants – 2019-2020

Indigenous Education 

ELG   Macaulay  How do we build a positive, safe school culture and community by integrating our social-emotional programming with First Nations content?
ELG Oak Bay  How can the use of place-based learning and inquiry enhance student achievement in the new curriculum and their connection with their community while they investigate what factors constitute a healthy stream in which salmon are able to spawn. 
ELG Strawberry Vale To what degree and to what extent will the school=wide implementation of the Seven Sacred Teachings impact personal and social competence development in students? 

Staff Collaboration 

ELG Esquimalt How can our staff collaboration meetings support the implementation and growth of our school strategic plan?
ELG  Frank Hobbs How will collaborative meetings between Support Teachers and Classroom teachers support student learning?

Nature (Art Connections) 

ELG Tillicum How can participating in play, artistic creation and experiencing nature improve story development, writing and retelling skills for our Grade 4/5, Grade 2 and K1 classes?
MLG  George Jay How can we use  various art processes inspired by our local natural environment to enhance language learning? 
ELG  Hillcrest How an Art be used as a toll to incorporate First People’s Principles of Learning and teach the Spirit of Alliances? 


ELG Eagle View  To what extent and in what ways will differentiated and targeted guided Math instruction enhance student learning to meet their individual needs ( eg> Learning styles) and expand overall understanding of number concepts?
ELG Lansdowne How will incorporating STEM through hands-on-team-based experiential learning impact student engagement, resiliency and success in relation to maths, sciences and applied design, skills & technology curriculum?
ELG Cloverdale  Does incorporating regular math talks deppen students’ mathematical understanding and enable them to apply the mathematical strategies being taught more effectively? 
ELG James Bay  How will a school created, targeted, hands on play based early intervention numeracy programme enhance foundation numeracy skills among primary students?

Literacy (Writing)

ELG Gordon Head Can collaborative anchoring of student writing help shape teacher instruction and improve student writing in regards to using supporting evidence from text and developing a strong voice?
ELG Central Will Incorporating high quality picture books as mentor texts into middle school Writer’s Workshop Program enhance literacy engagement and writing skills for all learners in a universally designed learning environment? 

Literacy (Reading – Secondary)

ELG Secondary Librarians How can implementing a secondary school wide reading initiative – Victoria Reads – increase student and staff interest and engagement in reading?
MLG Spectrum Can an in-class voluntary reading program enhance language acquisition?

Literacy (Reading – Elementary)

ELG Mckenzie How does reading for 30 minutes per day, with ‘just right texts’, increase reading levels for vulnerable (and all) primary students who do not have home support with reading? 
ELG Torquay What materials and structures do students require in order to increase their enjoyment of reading and time spent on doing so?
ELG Northridge Will the use of the Side by Side reading model (Paul Pantaleo) with the use of quality early reading materials (PM Benchmarks Books) improve reading acquisition of struggling and beginning readers in grade one

English Language Learners (ELL)

MLG McKenzie How can we better support English Language Learners in developing strong reading skills through the use of research based reading strategies such as the CAFE.  How will using these strategies, and similar research based strategies, be of benefit to all learners?
MLG Frank Hobbs How will collaborative meetings between ELL/Support Teachers and Classroom Teachers support student learning? 
MLG View Royal  How can we increase positive school culture through targeting Social Emotional Learning and connections with our ELL students ( social/cultural integration) within buddy-class partnerships and support from the inclusion co-teaching models? 

Technology for Learning

ELG George Jay How will the process of creating a school podcast empower our students to share and highlight their voices surrounding our school focus of Kindness?
MLG Hillcrest How can we use technology to build confidence, independence, self-advocacy in the classroom setting?
ELG Oaklands How can using digital portfolios improve student engagement, learning and thinking? 


ELG SJ Burnside Can we improve our students’ goal-setting skills, and help them achieve and rack their success through the use of common language, explicit practice and self-assessment rubrics? 
ELG Central  How can we use video recordings for self-assessment and to foster students’ language proficiency for FRench Immersion and English Language Learners? 

Inclusion / Challenging Behaviour 

ELG Rockheights When students with challenging behaviours are part of collaborative and proactive approach to their success at school plan, is there a direct influence on student achievement
ELG Quadra How to support Tier 3 students to manage a full day at school without disruption and shutdowns.  Helping students return to longer days by developing their strengths, and targeting lagging skills.


ELG Victor Using dance, how can we intentionally create opportunities for social interaction and build a community for students with diverse abilities? 
ELG Lambrick How can we increase authentic and meaningful inclusion in our school and benefit all students through greater social and life-skills based interactions through three approaches: 

     Ecological knowledge & leadership

   Social-Emotional school-wide connection building

   Growth in the community 

ELG  Monterey In what ways and to what extent will focussing our teams’ Student Support meetings and follow-up[ actions on UDL further student engagement and learning as well as the efficacy of our student support meetings and professional growth. 

Inclusion / Classroom Structures

ELG Arbutus How does flexible seating enhance engagement in an inclusive learning environment? 
ELG Campus View Will providing a variety of alternative seating options/self-reflective tools and the incorporation of structured, heavy work, moderate to high-intensity activity breaks increase students attention and ability to self-regulate, in turn increasing academic success in our Grade 3-5 classes? 

Social Emotional Learning

ELG  Vic West Will the implementation of research based ambient music in our classrooms increase students’ ability to focus, and support students’ social/emotional self-regulation in the learning
ELG  Willows  Based on principles of Reggio Emilia and Stuart Shanker, how a classroom free of excessive stimuli can help improve students’, and teachers’ focus, mindfulness and overall learning experience. 

French Immersion 

MLG Macaulay  How can partner reading enhance early literacy achievement in a French Immersion setting? 
MLG Arbutus/Central How can Late Immersion teachers transform the vocabulary-heavy Science curricular content to become more accessible to their learners?  We are particularly interested in the Big Idea: The Solar System is part of the Milky Way, which is one of billions of galaxies
MLG Lambrick How does using interesting, relevant, and comprehensive texts for book-clubs and free choice reading activities in a second language enhances classroom enhance students’ language acquistion and promote cultural awareness of French and Spanish-speaking communities?
MLG Shoreline Game-based learning in the FRIM classroom- how does it affect student engagement and interaction with the curriculum content in a student’s second language? 
MLG Lansdowne How will students’ learning, confidence and engagement with the French language be impacted  through the incorporation of a theatre until that allows students to act and perform in French?