The Greater Victoria School District supports the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation’s request to hold the week from September 27th to October 1st, 2021 for events surrounding the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day.

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Middle Learning Rounds

Middle Level learning rounds will be an opportunity for teachers in their first five years in the classroom to participate in a collaborative series offered throughout the school year.   The focus... Read more

Secondary Learning Rounds

Secondary learning rounds will be an opportunity for teachers in their first five years in the classroom to participate in a collaborative series offered throughout the school year.   The focus for... Read more

Literacy Offerings K-5

Literacy Offerings  Register by Friday, October,1, 2021 using the links below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us HERE. Literacy Collaboration Series With Faye Brownlie School collaboration teams will be offered... Read more

POPEY Opportunities

As you start a new school year, we wanted to remind you about our upcoming dates for POPEY's online workshops, including two sessions next week to kick start your new school... Read more

NFB Campus

What is NFB CAMPUS? National Film Board of Canada’s CAMPUS is an education streaming service for teachers.  It  contains 100% Canadian film & media content that supports BC’s diverse K-12 curriculum. CAMPUS subscription... Read more

Building Belonging Through Stories

Building Belonging: One Story at a Time This is a recording of the virtual learning session that took place in the first week of school,  The session was an opportunity for... Read more

All Principles of Assessment

These principles represent current understanding of culturally responsive, research-based assessment practices and the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning. They were developed in collaboration with the SD61 District Team, Indigenous Education... Read more

Inclusive and Flexible

Equitable and inclusive oriented assessment allows students to demonstrate and/or re-demonstrate their learning recognizing that students have diverse strengths, backgrounds, life experiences and interests.   Small blurb here Small blurb here Small blurb here Small... Read more

Relationships, Belonging, & Identity

A relational approach to assessment is an ongoing conversation between teacher and students identifying strengths and areas for growth. When students feel seen, recognized and affirmed in their identity, we... Read more

Student Centered

Co-created criteria places students at the centre of their learning. Self-assessment supports students to reflect on their growth and on their identity as a learner. Examples Level Link to Example Kindergarten - Grade 2 Grade... Read more

Clarity and Alignment

Clearly identifies and purposefully aligns with learning goals (curricular, personal, and classroom) and criteria for success.  The assessment differentiates between learning goals and work habits. Behavior attributes (such as attitude,... Read more

Engagement and Ownership

Student engagement and ownership of their learning increases when assessment is relevant, personalized and informs their next steps. Assessment, when accompanied by reflection, promotes curiosity and a cycle of learning... Read more

Ongoing Feedback

Includes opportunities for learners to receive ongoing and descriptive feedback from many sources. The feedback needs to include what the learner is doing well and next steps to improve. Examples Level Link... Read more

Celebration & Reflection

Series Goals Develop an increased understanding of competency-based curriculum and assessment in relation to content areas. Develop and implement a personalized, competency-based assessment tool that clearly articulates learning standards and... Read more

First Day SOGI Resources

Click here to access the Student Pronoun Survey document Click here to access the LGBTQ2s+ Student Profile document Credit to Kelli Kraft for these resources... Read more

Early Learning Framework

B.C. has updated the Early Learning Framework (2019) to recognize the new realities of children, families and communities. The new framework was developed in collaboration with early childhood educators, primary... Read more

Strength-based Reading

Strength-based Reading Instruction Breanne Glover and Paul Pantaleo provide a 30-minute presentation on the fundamentals of teaching reading.  Topics include how to use reading levels and observation to assess as we... Read more

Deconlonizing Libraries Webinar Series

Greater Victoria School District 61 would like to invite teacher librarians to join in a shared conversation about decolonizing libraries. This webinar is free and targeted to teacher librarians. Our three-part... Read more


C’est quoi Idéllo? Idéllo est une plateforme éducative comprenant 13,000 vidéos, ressources, dossiers thématiques, jeux, outils pédagogiques, pour tous les niveaux de la maternelle au secondaire, et pour toutes les matières. Le... Read more

Learning for All Podcast

We understand that a child’s learning is not linear or universal, but collective and complex. Our ways of being, our culture, our uniqueness; all of these layers shape how we learn. ... Read more

Building Belonging with Visuals

We are always asking ourselves how we can engage all of our learners. When we offer multiple entry points each learner can find their own pathway into the learning.  In... Read more

Literacy Centre Ideas (K/1 focus)

Our classrooms have diverse needs. By differentiating our instruction we can ensure that all students have access to the same curriculum by providing varied entry points of learning tasks.  Differentiated instruction... Read more

Play Today Handbook

The Play Today B.C. Handbook is a guide to support high quality, play-based learning experiences in the early years, primary grades, and even into the middle years of childhood. The Play... Read more

Discover Education

What is Discovery Experience? Discovery Experience is a flexible K-12 learning platform, that provides over 200,000 resources including high-quality content, ready-to-use digital lessons, unique collaboration tools, and professional learning resources. It... Read more


C'est quoi ONF CAMPUS? CAMPUS de l'Office national du film du Canada  est un service de formation continue pour les enseignants. Il contient un contenu cinématographique et médiatique 100% canadien qui soutient le... Read more

Secondary Assessment

This page is a secondary assessment resource. The parent category is "Secondary" and the subcategory is "Assessment"... Read more

Secondary Chemistry

This is a test post about Secondary Chemistry. The chemistry category is under the "Science" sub-category and "Secondary" parent category.... Read more

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What is Idéllo? Idéllo is an online platform with over 13,000 video resources, lesson plans, thematic folders and pedagogical resources in French. Videos cover all subject areas from kindergarten to grade... Read more

Pulling Together: Equity in Education – Oct 23 2020 ProD

Morning Keynote 9:00am - 10:00am - Creating Equity for All with Denise Augustine   Keynote Archive _________________________________________________________ All Session Descriptions Oct 23rd Session Descriptions - ALL - Google Doc   Oct 23rd Session Descriptions - ALL - PDF   ___________________________________________________________ Sessions... Read more


What is Yabla? Yabla is authentic language learning video platform for Middle and Secondary French, Spanish, and ELL classrooms. Yabla uses authentic content and a unique video player to improve students' listening... Read more

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October ProD 2020: Pulling Together: Equity in Education

  Morning Keynote 9:00am - 10:00am - Creating Equity for All with Denise Augustine   Keynote Archive _________________________________________________________ All Session Descriptions Oct 23rd Session Descriptions - ALL - Google Doc   Oct 23rd Session Descriptions - ALL - PDF   ___________________________________________________________ Sessions... Read more

Myron Dueck Assessment ProD Sessions

SD61 Secondary Assessment Pro-D Sessions with Myron Dueck Myron Dueck’s website:       Follow him on Twitter: @MyronDueck Note: All the materials linked below require you to be logged in to your SD61Learn G-Suite... Read more

FRIMM: Hybrid Learning Support

This resource page is intended to support parents of children in French Immersion who are currently enrolled in the hybrid learning option.  The curriculum French Immersion students explore is the same... Read more

Hybrid Learning – Secondary

This website is designed to organize all the SD61 Secondary-focused support resources for blended learning opportunities. Please note that this website will be added to and updated as new Ministry... Read more