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Continuity of Learning

Resources for Parents with Children at the Secondary Level (Grade 9-12)

This is a difficult time for many families. The most important thing is to take care of yourself and your family, while not adding more stress as you support your teen’s learning. 

Below here are some suggested ideas, lessons, and resources to engage your mind, support your physical and mental well-being and to start thinking about how to best learn from home.

While direct teaching and learning will not be expected this week, here are some considerations to help your student/child prepare for their return to school: 

    • review class notes, materials, or assignments from before the break 
    • complete overdue or incomplete assignments 
    • read/review class resources such as textbooks, novels, online resources  
    • if available, look through Google Classrooms and review materials that have been shared
    • research topics/skills that have been explored in class 

Career Education

Many students are currently taking a career education class and will be connected to a Google Classroom for their Career Life Education (CLE) and/or Career Life Connections (CLC) course. 

Completing assignments on Google Classroom and engaging in careers exploration through various resources is a valuable use of time.
There are many tools and websites that can be visited by parents and students in order to explore the world of post-secondary education, training, and/or work.
Below are career education resources that are worth visiting.  There are lots of great videos embedded into each of these websites: 

 SD61 Pathways & Partnerships Department 

    • The SD61 Pathways & Partnerships team supports K – 12 students to make connections and transitions between classroom learning, post-secondary training, and the world of work.  
    • This website will outline some of the opportunities available to students in the Greater Victoria School District to explore and experience various career pathways. 
    • careers.sd61.bc.ca  

 Education Planner BC 

    • EducationPlannerBC helps learners make well informed decisions about their education and career options. Use the “Plan” section to find articles and information about the different paths along the student journey. 
    • www.educationplannerbc.ca


    • WorkBC is the provincial government’s access point to the world of work in British Columbia. It was created with one key goal – to help all British Columbians to successfully navigate B.C.’s labour market. 
    • WorkBC helps people find jobs, explore career options and improve their skills. We also help employers fill jobs, find the right talent and grow their businesses. 
    • www.workbc.ca

 Career Trek Videos (WorkBC) 

FNESC Career Journeys 

    • The Career Journeys First Nations Career Role Model Program was developed by the First Nations Education Steering Committee and First Nations Schools Association.  It features First Nations Role Models in a variety of career fields, and aims to raise the awareness of First Nations youth and their families about career possibilities, and to show examples of how to navigate education and training pathways to those careers. 
    • www.fnesc.ca/careerjourneys

Industry Training Authority (ITA) BC 

    • Discover trades training in the province of BC and the K- 12 system. ITA’s Youth Programs give you the chance to try out different trades and get a head start on an apprenticeship while you’re still in high school. 
    • www.itabc.ca
    • youth.itabc.ca

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Encourage your child to be physically active each day. 

Communications & Social Connections

Keeping in touch with friends and family is especially important during challenging times. Maintaining social connections is important for positive mental health. Use online or mobile apps to connect with friends or family members that you may not be seeing as much as you did in the past. Include voice or video calls in addition to text-based communication.

Suggestions for Online Learning Experiences

Subject Specific Resources

As a reminder, each secondary school has a comprehensive library website that is linked from your school website. Additional resources include:

Indigenous Education Resources

This resource has been developed by the First Nations Educational Steering Committee (FNESC)

Continuous Learning Resources 8-12

Mental Health 

It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety, stress, or depression during significant lifestyle changes. If you feel like your child’s mental health has decreased significantly, consider accessing some of these resources or reaching out to your school.