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Sorting @sd61schools #Pride shirts today! Expect them in your school mail on Monday or Tuesday next week #sd61learn https://t.co/8zjPIY5uGK SD61Learn photo

Thanks @Surrey_Schools for lending us @KyleMcKillop #bced #bcedchat #sd61learn https://t.co/BxadSbFDxg
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Shift-ED @ShiftEDBC
Bonus Episode #1 - Secondary ELA & The Power of your LSA / PSA connection with @KyleMcKillop #sd61learn @BCTELA 👉👂👁️ Watch or Listen - all the links available here: https://t.co/l4oFnxVnHJ https://t.co/zKb6tGdvHx

Please share them! They were created by a fantastic educator, Kelli Kraft from @SpectrumThunder https://t.co/hNCRciP9KY