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Core French Project – Intermediate

Are you an intermediate teacher who teaches Core French looking for some new strategies and unit plans based on research? Some BC Core French 5 teachers, with limited French skills,... Read more

Math Learning Ladders

Math Learning Ladders is a K-9 resource developed by the Mission Public School District  to  allow teachers to support the planning and programming for a student, identifying the next step... Read more

Core French 6 project

Are you a Core French teacher and want to learn strategies for teaching beginner’s French in a safe and collaborative learning environment? Following the success of a Vancouver Island Grade... Read more

Ateliers AIM 2022-2023

Ateliers AIM 2022-2023 Le conseil scolaire offre des ateliers AIM pour les enseignant.e.s en immersion en maternelle et première année. Les sessions seront animées par Karen Oraas. Karen est enseignante de... Read more

Literacy Series for Early Career Teachers

Literacy Series for Early Career Teachers An opportunity for teachers in their first 5 years in the classroom. A five part collaborative literacy learning series offered throughout the year. (French & English) Next session... Read more

Early Literacy Collaboration Teachers

Early Literacy Collaboration Teachers (ELCT) The Early Literacy Collaboration Teachers serve 8 schools, providing flexible and responsive literacy support to students and teachers. Early Literacy Collaboration Teachers collaborate with teachers to... Read more

Secondary Learning Rounds

Secondary learning rounds will be an opportunity for teachers in their first five years in the classroom to participate in a collaborative series offered throughout the school year.   The focus for... Read more

POPEY Opportunities

POPEY’s seventh annual literacy conference. Morning Session: Miriam Trehearne, 9:30 - 11:30 am Afternoon Session: Lori Jamison, 12:30 - 2:30 pm Register HERE  POPEY's online After-School Specials . All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Wednesday,... Read more

Literacy Sequences with Faye Brownlie

About Faye Brownlie What approaches to teaching and learning best enable us to reach and teach all learners? quality reading and writing instruction assessment for learning and performance-based assessment open-ended teaching... Read more

Tapestry Conference 2022

Cowichan, Greater Victoria, Saanich, and Sooke Teachers' Association Tapestry 2022 South Vancouver Island K-12 Educators Online Conference For more information and registration please visit: tapestry.ourconference.ca ... Read more

Land-Based Resources for Educators

The following resources have been collected and curated by the District Team and in partnership with the Indigenous Education Department in SD61. These resources are designed to support educators as... Read more

Indigenous Pedagogy in the French Classroom

Dear French language teachers and TLs,   The Indigenous Education Department and the Modern Languages Department have been working together to explore how to weave in Indigenous Education in our French Immersion... Read more

Middle Learning Rounds

Middle Level learning rounds will be an opportunity for teachers in their first five years in their role to participate in a collaborative series offered throughout the school year.   The focus... Read more

Elementary Pro-D January 28

Thank you for joining us! The links to resources and slide decks are listed below: Shane Safir Shane has worked at every level of the education system for over two decades. In 2003,... Read more

Connecting the Dots: Social Emotional Learning in SD61

SD 61 VIDEO: Social Emotional Learning: Connecting the Dots  https://youtu.be/39-V5nJTyw8 This video can be used to initiate conversations, networking and sharing to unpack the “WHY” that drives our teaching of social emotional learning. VIDEO... Read more

Mental Health Literacy(MHL) in Middle Schools

Please join us this year to implement resources in our Middle Schools that promote Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and support mental wellbeing.  Mental Health Literacy As an opportunity for us to continue the work... Read more

Nov 12th 2021 ProD

9:00am – 11:00am Please connect with your school Principal/Vice-Principal and/or ProD committee when registering for one of the following choices offered on Nov 12th ProD. 1. Connecting SEL & Mental Health -... Read more

Welcoming Conversations

Welcoming New Children and Families  StrongSart Educators and Kindergarten teachers play a vital role in establishing positive connections with children and their families.  Welcoming events and conversations set the tone for a... Read more

Second Step in Middle Schools

We are supporting the implementation of the Second Step Middle digital program. This program is a web-based SEL curriculum that supports school teams to take a holistic approach to building... Read more

Literacy-Numeracy Connection

Greater Victoria SD61 Educator Nikki Lineham explores three picture books while investigating mathematical concepts. 3-5 Series Resources: Session 1: Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! Session1 Recording Session 1 Slide Deck Session 2: The Cookie Fiasco Session... Read more

Secondary Book Club on Assessment

Secondary Teacher Book Club:  Softening the Edges:  Assessment Practices that Honor K-12 Teachers and Learners  – Book Club and Interactive Sessions with Katie White. Participants will receive a copy of Katie’s book and... Read more

Re-Imagining Mathematics Education Webinar Series

Connecting Math, Community, and Culture This webinar series invites teachers at all levels to join discussions and sharing for re-imagining mathematics education through culture, community, and teaching for social and ecological... Read more

School Ventilation during COVID

Ventilation (Fresh Air Intake) at each school has been adjusted to 100% as closely as can be achieved.  Roughly 50%-60% of the schools HVAC systems are controlled by computer, Direct... Read more

Literacy Offerings K-5

Literacy Offerings  Register by Monday, October 4, 2021 using the links below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us HERE. Literacy Collaboration Series With Faye Brownlie School collaboration teams will be... Read more

NFB Campus

What is NFB CAMPUS? National Film Board of Canada’s CAMPUS is an education streaming service for teachers.  It  contains 100% Canadian film & media content that supports BC’s diverse K-12 curriculum. CAMPUS subscription... Read more

Area Rugs Restriction

UPDATE is to highlight one more time the restriction on area rug use. The decision about use of area rugs was centered around dis-infecting and cleaning times. Please note that area... Read more

Educating Now

We are pleased to announce the launch of a district site license for Educating Now to support the use of our new math resources. Educating Now is a teaching and... Read more

Custodial Update

Hello Custodians, I know a lot of have been waiting for an update from me – thank you for your patience. I’d like to first say ‘thank you’ for all your... Read more

All Principles of Assessment

These principles represent current understanding of culturally responsive, research-based assessment practices and the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning. They were developed in collaboration with the SD61 District Team, Indigenous Education... Read more

Inclusive and Flexible

Equitable and inclusive oriented assessment allows students to demonstrate and/or re-demonstrate their learning recognizing that students have diverse strengths, backgrounds, life experiences and interests.   Small blurb here Small blurb here Small blurb here Small... Read more

Relationships, Belonging, & Identity

  Definition: A relational approach to assessment is an ongoing conversation between teacher and students identifying strengths and areas for growth. When students feel seen, recognized and affirmed in their identity,... Read more

Student Centered

Co-created criteria places students at the centre of their learning. Self-assessment supports students to reflect on their growth and on their identity as a learner. Examples Level Link to Example Kindergarten - Grade 2 Grade... Read more

Clarity and Alignment

Clearly identifies and purposefully aligns with learning goals (curricular, personal, and classroom) and criteria for success.  The assessment differentiates between learning goals and work habits. Behavior attributes (such as attitude,... Read more

Engagement and Ownership

Student engagement and ownership of their learning increases when assessment is relevant, personalized and informs their next steps. Assessment, when accompanied by reflection, promotes curiosity and a cycle of learning... Read more

Ongoing Feedback

Includes opportunities for learners to receive ongoing and descriptive feedback from many sources. The feedback needs to include what the learner is doing well and next steps to improve. Examples Level Link... Read more

Celebration & Reflection

Series Goals Develop an increased understanding of competency-based curriculum and assessment in relation to content areas. Develop and implement a personalized, competency-based assessment tool that clearly articulates learning standards and... Read more