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Jan 2021 ProD – Learning Together in the Middle Years

We are looking forward to Learning Together in the Middle Years.

Thank you to the many people who came together to support the development and planning for the day. A special thank you for those facilitating sessions in the morning or the afternoon.

The virtual conference is available for FREE for all SD61 middle school staffs – educational assistants, teachers, principals, vice-principals, administrative assistants, counsellors, and custodians.

Feedback Form

We ask that you please take a moment to fill out this feedback form as we continue to build ProD offerings for of middle schools.

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Considerations for the day:

How can we create equitable access to professional learning across our middle schools?

Given Covid19 –and considering staff wellness – How can we create a collective professional learning opportunity that breaks down possible educator isolation so that educators can plan, work, and share together?

How can we create opportunities for staff to collaborate across schools?

How can we reduce the cost and increase the number of options available by sharing the expenses?

How can we create a structure that allows schools the flexibility to utilize the format of the shared day and adapt it to each school context?

Contact your Principal or Vice-Principal if you are looking for the password to access these archives.



Click Below to access Archived Keynotes, Follow-up Sessions and Resources


All Keynote and Session Descriptions (Clickable)

Jan 25th Session Descriptions – ALL – Google Doc


Jan 25th Session Descriptions – ALL – PDF


Keynotes and Sessions at a Glance

Morning Keynotes – 8:45am – 9:45am

Keynote #1 – Why middle: Embracing the learning and developmental opportunities of young adolescents with Dr. Leyton Schnellert
Keynote #2 – Compassion Fatigue with Dr. Jody Carrington **may use colourful language**

Morning Sessions – 10:00am – 11:30am

  1. Keynote Follow-Up: Nurturing self-regulated and social emotional learning in the middle years classroom
  2. Culturally Responsive Math Teaching
  3. Exploring the Role of Questions in the Classroom
  4. Les ressources numériques en immersion: vidéos, blogues et sites d’actualités interactifs
  5. Idello resources for French core teachers
  6. SD61 Career Explorer Workbook- Bringing engaging career education to your classroom
  7. First Peoples Principles of Learning: Foundation of a Culturally Responsive Classroom
  8. Inclusive and Competency-based Individual Education Plans (I&CB-IEPs) in Inquiry & Action
  9. Compassion Fatigue – Ensuring Our Educators are Okay
  10. Using Standards Based Assessment in the Middle School Classroom
  11. Google Forms – Assessment Swiss Army Knife – CANCELLED
  12. Let them Write! Writing Instruction to Increase Writer Engagement and Drive Learning
  13. Middle School Music Teachers Sharing
  14. UVIC Ocean Networks Canada: A Warming Ocean and K-12 Learning Resources

Afternoon Keynotes – 12:15PM – 1:15PM

Keynote #1 – Keynote TITLE with Shelley Moore
Keynote #2 – Compassion Fatigue with Dr. Jody Carrington **may use colourful language** (REPLAY- Recording from Morning Keynote)

Afternoon Sessions – 1:30PM – 3:00PM

  1. Keynote Follow-up – Design for One, Design for All
  2. Evidence Based Math Teaching
  3. Exploring the Role of Questions in the Classroom (REPEAT)
  4. A Sense of Place
  5. ELL Supports in the Content Classroom
  6. Idello, la plateforme numérique aux 13,000 ressources certifiées en Français
  7. Weaving together literacy and social emotional learning strategies
  8. Beginning the Central Middle School Journey Towards Cultural Awareness and Anti-Racism
  9. A Toolkit for Raising the Attendance Rates of First Nations Students in BC
  10. Hands-on STEM in the Classroom
  11. Flipgrid, Screencastify and Google Classroom
  12. Current Topics and Trends for the Middle School Teacher Librarian
  13. Compassion Fatigue – Ensuring Our Educators are Okay (REPEAT)