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Name (& Email)Phone NumberTitle
Sean Powell250-475-4156District Principal
Dave Shortreed250-475-4139District Vice-Principal
Laurissa Evancio250-475-4244District Learning Support Teacher
Monique Moore250-475-4230District Counsellor - Middle


Latest Updates

Middle Learning Rounds

Middle Level learning rounds will be an opportunity for teachers in their first five years in their role to participate in a collaborative series offered throughout the school year.   The focus... Read more

Connecting the Dots: Social Emotional Learning in SD61

SD 61 VIDEO: Social Emotional Learning: Connecting the Dots  https://youtu.be/39-V5nJTyw8 This video can be used to initiate conversations, networking and sharing to unpack the “WHY” that drives our teaching of social emotional learning. VIDEO... Read more

Mental Health Literacy(MHL) in Middle Schools

Please join us this year to implement resources in our Middle Schools that promote Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and support mental wellbeing.  Mental Health Literacy As an opportunity for us to continue the work... Read more

Second Step in Middle Schools

We are supporting the implementation of the Second Step Middle digital program. This program is a web-based SEL curriculum that supports school teams to take a holistic approach to building... Read more

Re-Imagining Mathematics Education Webinar Series

Connecting Math, Community, and Culture This webinar series invites teachers at all levels to join discussions and sharing for re-imagining mathematics education through culture, community, and teaching for social and ecological... Read more

Deconlonizing Libraries Webinar Series

Greater Victoria School District 61 would like to invite teacher librarians to join in a shared conversation about decolonizing libraries. This webinar is free and targeted to teacher librarians. Our three-part... Read more

Discovery Education

What is Discovery Experience? Discovery Experience is a flexible K-12 learning platform, that provides over 200,000 resources including high-quality content, ready-to-use digital lessons, unique collaboration tools, and professional learning resources. It... Read more


C'est quoi ONF CAMPUS? CAMPUS de l'Office national du film du Canada  est un service de formation continue pour les enseignants. Il contient un contenu cinématographique et médiatique 100% canadien qui soutient le... Read more

Pulling Together: Equity in Education – Oct 23 2020 ProD

Morning Keynote 9:00am - 10:00am - Creating Equity for All with Denise Augustine   Keynote Archive https://youtu.be/2qBiEi9xpAc _________________________________________________________ All Session Descriptions Oct 23rd Session Descriptions - ALL - Google Doc   Oct 23rd Session Descriptions - ALL - PDF   ___________________________________________________________ Sessions... Read more

Hybrid Learning – Middle

Intention: To archive resources for middle years educators to support blended instructional strategies and professional learning.    Latest update: June 2020      Guiding Documents to Support Blended Learning in Middle 2019 -2020 ... Read more

Remote Home Learning – Middle

Below are a few ideas and resources to support your child in physical and social-emotional well-being, literacy, numeracy, and an individual passion project. These are extraordinary times, so please be... Read more

Library Digital Resources

All student digital resources are available on our school library websites. Visit your school website and click Library & Resources to find what students have access to in terms of... Read more

Numeracy Sessions in the Middle Years 2018-2019

Grade 6 & 7 Sessions Facilitator: Nikki Lineham Dates: Oct. 16, 2018,  Nov. 21, 2018,  Jan 22, 2019 Session Resources: To continue to deepen our understanding of the new math curriculum To understand how assessment... Read more

ADST/Coding in the Middle Years

Middle schools are where the required coding curriculum officially begins for all students. The bullet points below identify the required coding and computational thinking content areas from the ADST Curriculum.... Read more

Science Learning Sessions – Grade 6-8 – 2017/2018

Grade 6 - 8 Sessions Facilitator: Derek Brooker, Teacher from Glanford Middle School [iframe src="https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1sgyEI3-bJp2QK1Vbq4PX_RwwyJijHJlbDAwaswkObDw/embed?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000" frameborder="0" width="480" height="299" allowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true"] Resources **Click here - Link to Grade 6 - 8 Session Resources**... Read more

Core Competencies

Student Self-Reflection with Core Competencies For the final report,  K-9 students are required to complete a self-reflection on only one of the core competencies. We have compiled a variety of templates... Read more

Science in the Middle Years 2017

Grade 6 - 8 Sessions Facilitator: Derek Brooker, Teacher from Glanford Middle School Intention of the session: Identify and discuss key changes in the new curriculum Use this information to create a list... Read more