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Elementary French Immersion district resource order- info session

The District French team is pleased to share that there will be extra funds in the French budget to support elementary resources in French Immersion. Specifically, these funds will support the purchase of French texts for Socials and Science. We plan to focus these resources on K-3 since we supported grades 4-5 last year. That said, there will be some flexibility in order to be most responsive to the needs of your school.


We would like to invite dual track TLs from each French immersion school, along with one French Immersion teacher, to attend two afternoon sessions on Friday February 24th and Monday April 17th. 


WHO: Dual-track elementary TLs and one French Immersion colleague 

WHAT: Information session regarding a District French resource order for Science and Socials resources

WHEN: Friday February 24th and Monday April 17th, 12h30-14h45

WHERE: Macaulay elementary school library

WHY: Give teachers and TLs the opportunity to learn about and explore new resources and to collaborate with other TLs and schools around French resources. 

HOW: Sign up HERE before February 14th. 


The purpose of these sessions will be to give you an overview of the options of resources we will be ordering and to give you time as a team to peruse the resources. We will then have a slide deck that you can go back to your French Immersion school team with to share what you have learned and finalize a wish list. We will provide a budget of district funds that will be available for each school on February 24th. These sessions will be mostly in English with a bit of French, in order to make sure all TLs are included. 


TLs, please talk with your French Immersion teacher colleagues to determine one teacher who will join you at these sessions. Ideally, this will be a teacher who is involved in resource purchases at your school, or someone who is interested in becoming more involved. TLs can then sign up HERE  and include your name along with the name of your colleague who will attend. I will confirm participation on February 14th and will provide instructions on booking a TTOC using district release. 


These sessions will take place in the library at Macaulay elementary school. Many thanks in advance to Joanna Mangan, TL at Macaulay, for helping with the planning of this day.


If you have any questions, please get in touch. I look forward to seeing you on February 24th!