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Connecting the Dots: Social Emotional Learning in SD61

SD 61 VIDEO: Social Emotional Learning: Connecting the Dots 

This video can be used to initiate conversations, networking and sharing to unpack the “WHY” that drives our teaching of social emotional learning.

VIDEO GUIDE: Connecting the Dots Video Guide

This guide is designed to support the next steps in moving SEL forward in your school community.

VIDEO SLIDE DECK: Connecting the Dots Slide Deck

This slide deck and discussion questions can be used at monthly staff meetings (1 or 2 slides per meeting) or at a half day school wide Pro-D to engage in purposeful SEL conversations and exploration.

Click here to access the slide deck

Supporting Videos

5 minute video explaining the CASEL Model – slide 4

3 minute video on the Medicine Wheel – slide 6

9 minute video on Circle of Courage – slide 8