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Core French 6 project

Are you a Core French teacher and want to learn strategies for teaching beginner’s French in a safe and collaborative learning environment? Following the success of a Vancouver Island Grade 5 Core French project, you are invited to participate in a series that creates space to learn research-based practical strategies for classroom teachers who speak limited or fluent French. Travaillons ensemble!


Project objectives :

  •       Support Grade 6 teachers who speak little French by providing tools for teaching Core French and strategies to reuse in class (e.g., circling)
  •       Create a unit plan per group for each team related to the curriculum – this unit plan will be shared provincially
  •       Collaborate together to develop teachers’ confidence to attain the learning objectives of Core French 6


2022-3 school year

Session 1: February 2nd ALL DAY (TTOC release will be provided)

Develop a community of classroom Core French teachers

Explore the Core French curriculum and learn how to use some useful tools for teachers and students to support unit planning

Use comprehensible input strategies and authentic resources to scaffold learning


Session 2: APRIL 24 ALL DAY (TTOC release will be provided)

Create a collaborative unit plan


2023-4 school year

Session 3: TBA

Complete the unit plan

Description of the project :

Each group will learn a variety of practical strategies to teach Core French 6 in order to meet the development of their students’ communication skills in French. Using these strategies, each group will create a unit plan connected to the Core French curricular learning standards using the backwards design model.

Who can participate? Grade 6 (or 5/6 and 6/7) elementary teachers who wish to learn strategies to teach Core French and develop their capacity


Shauna Néro is the Coordinator of the BC French Language Teachers’ Network in Simon Fraser’s University’s Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs. She is also SD75’s Coordinator of French Programs in Mission. She has extensive experience teaching Core French, Spanish, sciences humaines and français langue at the secondary level and was a vice-principal in a dual-track elementary immersion school. She is also the Past President of the BC Languages Coordination Association and has taught a variety of sessional French teaching methodology courses at Simon Fraser University. She is passionate about using authentic resources to engage students in the learning process and to help support them to become autonomous learners. A former French Immersion graduate and proud mother of a French immersion daughter, Shauna is proud to be a part of the French-learning community in BC and plays an active role in supporting the development of bi·plurilingual and bi·pluricultural students.