Core Competencies

Starting the Journey into Student Self-Reflection using Core Competencies

View: Core Competency Poster (or the French version)

For the final report in June 2017,  K-9 students are required to complete a self-reflection on only one of the core competencies. We have compiled a variety of templates to will help you and your students with their self reflections.

Key considerations: 

  • The self reflection can take on a wide variety of forms.
  • Focus on “I can” statements, and what the student is able to do
  • Where possible, include specific evidence and examples.
  • The documents and templates need to be copied to your google drive so you can make your own edits.

“Core competencies’ development is not about reducing the process to only completing a template or checking off a rubric; it is a metacognitive process facilitated and supported by teacher and peer dialogue, an opportunity for reflection on learning activities, and a chance to focus on evidence of growth over time.”   – BCTF Education Change Bulletin Feb 2017

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Possible Formats for Student Self-Reflections

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Student Led Conference Form  (Kelsey Kelley, SD43) This template helps students to reflect on one learning experience connected to the core competencies.
(French Version)

“I Can” Templates with evidence columns ( Janet Chow, SD 41).

Personal AwarenessPositive IdentityCritical ThinkingCreative ThinkingCommunication – Core Competencies  “I Can Statements”

Self-Assessment of Core Competencies at Elementary (Surrey Schools)

Self Reflection Templates (Core Competencies)

Credit: POPEI Organization

Credit: Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt

Credit: Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt
Credit: Hilary Braid-Skolski

Credit: Joy Nugent

Credit: Sarah Elford
Credit: Lansdowne Middle School Staff

Credit: Vicki Roberts

Credit: Jane Spies
Credit: Mt Doug

Credit: Mt Doug

Credit: Esquimalt High


  1. Core Competencies – K-3 Self-Reflection (Link to POPEI Organization)
  2. Core Competencies – K Self-Reflection connected to SD61 Spirit of Alliances (Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt)
  3. Core Competencies-  K Self-Reflection – English and French  (Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt)

Grade 4-5

  1. Core Competencies Self-Reflection Framework connected to SD61 Spirit of Alliances (Hilary Braid-Skolski)
  2. Self-Reflection of Core Competencies Grade 3/4 (Joy Nugent)
  3. Student Reflection Grade 4 (Sarah Elford)

Grade 6-8

  1. Core Competencies – 6-8 Self-Reflection (Lansdowne Middle School Staff)
  2. Active Listening Lesson – Grade 6 Self-Reflection (Vicki Roberts)
  3. Big Canoe Student Reflection – Shoreline Community School (Jane Spies)

Grade 9

  1. Core Competency Self-reflection Page 1 and 4 (Mount Doug Secondary, Grade 9)
  2. Core Competency Self-reflection Page 2 and 3 (Mount Doug Secondary, Grade 9)
  3. Core Competency Self-reflection Booklet (.word file) (Esquimalt High, Grade 9)

Grade 10-12

  1. SD61 Secondary Core Competency Self Reflection Guide
  2. Core Competency Self Reflection at Secondary (Surrey Schools)

Core Competencies Resource Folder

This google folder holds a variety of documents, images and examples of core-competencies being embedded into classroom learning, and well as final self-reflections. Resources will continue to be added to this folder and are collected from all over BC.

If you have resources to share or questions to ask, please contact The Learning Team.

Core Competency Self-Assessment in Surrey School District Video

Core Competencies in kindergarten in Langley School District

Mastering Self-Assessment: Edutopia

Self-Reflection at Secondary

Ministry Documents

Supporting the Self-Assessment and Reporting of Core Competencies (BC Ministry Document)

Reporting Student Progress K-9: Guidelines for School Districts (BC Ministry Document)

Core Competencies Posters from the Ministry  (English)

Les Compétences Essentielles affiches (French Core Competency posters from the Ministry)