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About Us

The District team is an assembly of teams. Please see below for all members, emails and phone numbers. Also, see the left hand sidebar for all the team resource sites too.

Name Phone NumberTitle
Tanya Clarke250-475-4157Administrative Assistant - District Learning Team, Referral Contact for Welcome & Learning Centre
Tara Leach250-475-4241Administrative Assistant - District CommunityLINK Facilitator & Learning Support Team
Cheryl Claibourne250-475-4124Administrative Assistant - District Indigenous Education Department
Lynda Hrycun250-475-4147Administrative Assistant - District Information Technology Learning Department

District Team

Name Phone NumberTitle
David Hovis250-475-4179District Principal, Elementary
Jessie Moore250-475-4235District Vice-Principal, K-12, Secondary
Charmaine Shortt250-475-4148District Principal, Early Learning
Breanne Glover250-475-4139District Support Teacher, Literacy
Sean Powell250-475-4156District Principal, Middle
Tanya Clarke250-475-4157District Administrative Assistant, Welcome Centre Referral & Contact

ELL, Refugee, Welcome Center

Name Phone NumberTitle
Tanya Clarke250-475-4157Referral Contact for Welcome & Learning Centre
David Hovis250-475-4179District Principal, Elementary, ELL
Jennifer Barber250-475-4249District Support Teacher Welcome & Learning Centre Classroom, ELL

Modern Languages Department

Name Phone NumberTitle
Sean Powell250-475-4156District Principal - Languages and Multiculturalism
Rosie Geuer250-475-4189French Language Program Coordinator

District Learning Support Team

Name Phone NumberTitle
Pam Halverson250-475-4114District Principal
Sean McCartney
250-940-6286District Principal
Katrina McGee250-475-4248District Learning Support Teacher - Behaviour Analyst
Tanya Ross250-475-4187District Learning Support Teacher - Complex Team
Tresa Marshall250-475-4231District Learning Support Teacher - Elementary Level
Laurissa Evancio250-475-4244District Learning Support Teacher - Middle Level
Debra Caso-Rohland250-475-4111District Learning Support Teacher - Secondary Level
Maureen von Tigerstrom250-475-4194District Learning Support Counsellor - Elementary Level
Monique Moore250-475-4230District Learning Support Counsellor - Middle Level
TBDDistrict Learning Support Counsellor - Secondary
Jen Aston250-475-4243District Youth & Family Counsellor
Marnice Jones250-475-4223Mental Health Resource Coordinator

For all other members of the District Learning Support Team please see the Support for Learning Resource Page.

Indigenous Education Department

Name Phone NumberTitle
Shelly Niemi250-475-4130Director of Indigenous Education
John Harris250-883-2963Elders & Indigenous Knowledge Facilitator
Christopher Courchene250-883-2903Indigenous Student Achievement Coordinator
Trena Black250-883-6138Indigenous Learning Support Teacher, Early Learning & Elementary
Emma Milliken250-883-2936Indigenous Learning Support Teacher, Secondary
Joanne Mitchell250-883-2931Indigenous District Counsellor
David Davidson250-883-6081Indigenous District Counsellor

For all other members of the Indigenous Education Department please see the ANED Resource Page.

Pathways & Partnerships

Name Phone NumberTitle
Lindsay Johnson250-475-4182District Vice-Principal
Bonnie Alexander250-475-4183Pathways & Partnerships Coordinator
Kevin Blecic250-893-9885 (cell)Pathways & Partnerships Coordinator

For all other members of the Pathways & Partnerships Department please see the Careers Resource Page.

Healthy Caring Schools

For more information please visit the Health, Safe, and Caring Schools Resource PageĀ 

Information Technology for Learning

Name Phone NumberTitle
Andy Canty250-475-4147Director - Information Technology for Learning
TBDManager - Information Technology for Learning
Josh Barks250-475-4154District Vice Principal - Information Technology for Learning
Ryan Kinrade250-475-4198Digital Content Publisher

For further information please visit the Information Technology for Learning Resource Page.