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Early Learning Framework

B.C. has updated the Early Learning Framework (2019) to recognize the new realities of children, families and communities. The new framework was developed in collaboration with early childhood educators, primary teachers, academics, Indigenous organizations, Elders, government and other professionals.

B.C.’s Early Learning Framework guides and supports early childhood educators, primary school teachers, principals and vice-principals, college and university educators and researchers, post-secondary students in early childhood and elementary education programs, StrongStart BC facilitators, other early years professionals, communities, governments and families.

The Framework establishes a vision for respectfully living and learning together. It supports the rich early learning experiences of children, provides a focal point for dialogue among British Columbians, and creates a common language and greater understanding of the vital importance of early learning for all young children.

B.C.’s Early Learning Framework is an anchor document for Early Years K-3.  

“The Early Learning Framework does not prescribe specific ‘how-tos’ of practice or suggest a ‘right way’ to work with children and
families. Rather, it is intended to inspire pedagogical approaches that are relevant and respectful of local communities and the people who live in those communities” (Govt of BC, 2019, p.6)

Everything educators choose to do with children, with the environment, materials, traditions, and routines, is a pedagogical choice.

The Early Learning Framework is designed to invite educators to examine why particular choices are made, and to support their efforts to be attentive and intentional in the choices they make.

The Early Learning Framework describes four living inquiries:

  • Well-being and belonging
  • Engagement with others, materials, and the world
  • Communication and literacies
  • Identities, social responsibility, and diversity

Professional Learning Opportunity

An online course, Introducing the Early Learning Framework, provides learning support for the revised Early Learning Framework. Also, please reach out to your early years team for support in bringing to life the principles of Early Learning.

Please click on the link for a PDF copy or contact your early years team for a hard copy.

British Columbia Early Learning Framework (PDF, 11.4MB)

Cadre pédagogique  pour la petite enfance de la Colombie-Britannique (PDF, 9.8MB)

To learn more please connect with the Early Years and Elementary team.