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Literacy-Numeracy Connection

Greater Victoria SD61 Educator Nikki Lineham explores three picture books while investigating mathematical concepts.

3-5 Series Resources:

Session 1: Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!

Session1 Recording

Session 1 Slide Deck

Session 2: The Cookie Fiasco

Session 2 Recording

Session 2 Slide Deck

Session 3: Bean Thirteen

Session 3 Recording

Session 3 Slide Deck

K-2 Series Resources:

Session 1The Greedy Triangle

Slide Deck

Recorded Zoom session: Greedy Triangle

Session 2:  Equal Shmequal

 Slide Deck

Recorded Zoom Session: Equal Shmequal

Session 3: Grandfather Tang’s Story

Slide Deck

Recorded Zoom Session: Grandfather Tang’s Story


Link to Google Drive and Resources: HERE