FreshGrade is a digital portfolio & assessment platform that makes learning visible for leaders, teachers, parents, and students. It has now been configured for SD61 and is ready for teacher and student use. It pulls student data directly from MyEducation BC. If you discover that you are missing students or don’t have any students in your FreshGrade class, please see your Principal or Administrative Assistant first before you log a Help Desk ticket. Note that the upload process runs nightly so any changes to MyEducation BC will not take effect in to FreshGrade until the following day.

Each active student account in FreshGrade requires a signed consent form. This was true for last year too however due to some privacy related changes, the consent and onboarding process for this year is a little different than previous years.

All students who have FreshGrade portfolios for your class must have completed the appropriate consent form:

  1. Elementary and Middle FreshGrade Consent Form 2018-19
  2. High School – FreshGrade Consent Form for Secondary School Students AND FreshGrade Letter and Request Form for Parents of High School Students

Please read through these steps carefully:

  1. Schools or individual teachers will distribute the consent form to parents. If you are unsure if a consent form was already sent in the parent pack-up, check with your Principal.
  2. Once the signed forms have been returned, teachers may invite parents through FreshGrade to join their class. Students in grades 4 and higher are also required to sign the consent form.
  3. The signed forms must be given to the Principal or Administrative Assistant who will activate the accounts through Tools for Schools.
  4. All student accounts will continue to work until September 30 after which time, only the accounts that have been activated through Tools for Schools will work. All others will be disabled.

Getting Started:

Go to Tools for Schools and then “Student FreshGrade Access” and follow the instructions. Only Principals, Vice-Principals, Administrative Assistants and Teacher Librarians have permissions to Grant Access. Teachers have the ability to look up which students have access and run a class report but not to make any access level changes.

If you require assistance setting up your class, please log a Help Desk ticket and the support team will get back to you shortly.

School Based FreshGrade Guidelines in SD61

  1. Torquay Elementary Freshgrade Resources and Guidelines
  2. View Royal FreshGrade Guidelines and Communicating Student Learning Resources
  3. Willows Elementary – Using FreshGrade an an EPortfolio
  4. Campus View FreshGrade Guidelines
  5. Lansdowne Middle FreshGrade Resources and Guidelines

Other Resources

  1. Family information letter about FreshGrade – primary level – M.Okeefe
  2. Family information letter – middle level – B.Drouin
  3. FreshGrade Post Guidelines – middle level – M.Abra (PDF version seen here)
  4. Self-reflection post framework – middle level – M.Abra
  5. FreshGrade Learning Goals – M. Zuyderduyn – Grade 4/5 – for students
  6. FreshGrade Learning Goals – M. Zuyderduyn – Grade 4/5 – for students

FreshGrade Resources:

Additional FreshGrade Resources:

Freshgrade videos to support implementation and best practices in the following areas:

Curricular Competencies

Curriculum Grids – K-9 – Sorted by Subject and Grade

I Can Statements – Grade 4/5 (Willows, Ms Zuyderduye)

I Can Statements – Grade 6-8 , including FRIMM (Lansdowne Staff)

For further support on FreshGrade please visit – or contact Dave Shortreed and James Hansen  from the Learning Team.