Consent Forms and Process

Print and collect these consent forms and hand them to your office staff to activate their student accounts using Tools for Schools.

Reminder: This consent is not collected yearly will be considered valid from the date it is signed until which point the student named below is no longer a student within SD61, or permission has been withdrawn. It is recorded and indication in the Tools for Schools app.

K-89-129-12 Parents

Getting Started with FreshGrade Classic 

1. Add Learning Evidence to Student Portfolios.

2. Share a Highlight with Parents via email.

3.  Access the Gradebook

4. Invite Parents

5. Invite Students

6. Send an Announcement

7. Customize Your Gradebook

8. Invite a Colleague

School Based FreshGrade Guidelines in SD61

  1. Torquay Elementary Freshgrade Resources and Guidelines
  2. View Royal FreshGrade Guidelines and Communicating Student Learning Resources
  3. Willows Elementary – Using FreshGrade an an EPortfolio
  4. Campus View FreshGrade Guidelines
  5. Lansdowne Middle FreshGrade Resources and Guidelines

Other Resources from SD61

  1. Family information letter about FreshGrade – primary level – M.Okeefe
  2. FreshGrade Learning Goals for students – Grade 4/5 – M. Zuyderduyn
  3. FreshGrade Learning Goals for teachers – Grade 4/5 – M. Zuyderduyn
  4. FreshGrade Family information letter – middle level – B.Drouin
  5. FreshGrade Student Post Guidelines – Grade 6 (PDF) – M.Abra
  6. FreshGrade Self-reflection post comment Guideline – Grade 6 – M.Abra

Creating a Summary Report for Report Cards

  1. How to create a final report for Elementary – K-3
  2. How to create a final report for Grade 4-8 
  3. How to create a final report for both Elementary and Middle
  4. Report Card: Learning Snapshot – Kindergarten – RBathurst
  5. FreshGrade Report Card Grade 1 Sample
  6. FreshGrade Report Card Grade 5 Sample

Additional FreshGrade Resources

Curricular Competencies for

Curriculum Grids – K-9 – Sorted by Subject and Grade

Curricular Competencies – I Can Statements – Grade 4/5 (M.Zuyderduye)

Curricular Competencies – I Can Statements – Grade 6-8 , including FRIMM (Lansdowne Staff)

Visit the Online FreshGrade Learning for Teachers page that includes free courses on everything from Assessment for Learning practices to making your learning visible using digital tools.

FreshGrade Learning Center