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Session 1 – Setting the Table: Unpacking the Competency-Based Approach

Session 1 Goals:

  • Light the spark!
  • Establish a common understanding of our curriculum framework
  • Lay the foundation for the rest of the series.

Session 1 Recording

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Session Links:

Padlet 1: Sharing Our Assessment Journeys

Tom Schimmer – Video 1 (Content does still matter!)

Tom Schimmer – Video 2 (Unpacking the curriculum documents)

Padlet 2: Addressing challenges and barriers

Additional Resources:

Compare & Contrast: Socials 10 IRP (Old Curriculum)  /  Socials 10 (Revised Curriculum)

English 9 Curriculum

Science 10 Curriculum

Full Tom Schimmer Webinar Series: An exploration of assessment with the redesigned grades 10–12 curriculum

Session 1 Tasks: Laying the Foundations

  1. Connect with your school cohort. Discuss your assessment journeys. What has prompted you to embark on this learning journey?
  2. Complete the benchmark survey to establish our starting points. 
  3. Select one key lesson or unit that you would like to focus on in our next session. Share these within your school cohorts. Look for connections with the lessons your colleagues are considering. Seek commonalities in order to collaborate.
  4. Identify which aspects of your lesson are content-focused and which are competency. Reflect on how you could shift these towards a “content as a vehicle to get to the competencies” approach.
  5. Read and discuss the following within your school cohorts: