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Session 2 – Making Connections: Aligning the Competency Based Approach to Assessment

Session 2 Goals:

  • Establish our starting points with our benchmark data.
  • Facilitate subject-area connections between schools.
  • Deepen our understanding of competency-based education.
  • Begin to think more about aligning what and how we teach to our assessment practice.

Session Recording

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Session 2 Tasks: Narrowing our Focus

1. Listen to the following short podcast clips:

2. Connect with your school cohort. Discuss the feedback, thoughts or ideas you covered in your inter-school breakout session. Has anything caused you to rethink the lesson or unit you selected? Were there any useful takeaways from these breakout discussions. If you haven’t done so already, submit your specific course and title of your lesson or assignment to our resource spreadsheet. This will help maintain connections for those watching the recording afterwards.

3. Carefully consider what the learning intention of your lesson/assignment is. What should the student be able to know, do, and understand in order to be successful? Reflect on the teaching strategies used during this lesson, are they conducive to the outcomes you wish to see? For the lesson or unit you have selected, complete a learner success profile. Share this with your school cohort colleagues for feedback. (see sample History 12 profile as an example, thanks Scott Alexander!)

4. Watch: Myron Dueck – Smarter Assessment in the Secondary Classroom (Part 1 of 4) (27 mins)

    • Discuss within your school cohort: What resonated with you in this video?

5. Read and discuss the following within your school cohorts: