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Session 5 – Reflecting on our revisions: What’s working, where are the sticking points?

Session 5 Goals:

  • Reflect on the development of our assessment resources up to this point. Share and receive feedback on what’s working and any potential sticking points.
  • What do you need to do between today and May 26th to finish your resource?

Session 5 Recording:

Session 5 Slides:


Session 5 Resource Folder (click to access)


Session 5 Tasks:

  1. Read: 
  1. Watch: 
    • Tom Schimmer: Webinar 3 – Examples of assessment practices shared by an English Language Arts teacher, a Math teacher, and a school district assessment support team (30 mins)
  1. Resources to Review:

For Session 6:

Complete a final draft of your assessment resource. Submit your resource to our Peer Feedback Forum before the next session.