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What is Yabla?

Yabla is authentic language learning video platform for Middle and Secondary French, Spanish, and ELL classrooms.

Yabla uses authentic content and a unique video player to improve students’ listening comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling. The flexibility within the platform allows students to speed up and slow down the content, overlay multiple layers of subtitles, and access resources specific to where they are at in their learning. The teacher console allows teachers to track student progress, embed assessments throughout the lesson, and differentiate instruction with games and an assortment of additional activities specific to each student. Content can be accessed by students on both laptops, tablets, and even phones.

Yabla partners with the world’s best commercial, public, and independent broadcasters. Music videos coming from the likes of Sony Latino, Sony France, Universal Latino and Universal Europe drive student interest in the living language through contemporary, meaningful culture.

Documentaries and news from passionate independent producers and networks such as Tv Peru, Gallovision and France2 draw students into the greater world of science, technology, ecology, economy, and history. Exclusive interviews and travel videos will bring them into contact with musicians, chefs, scientists, students, doctors, and other real people representing a great variety of accents, regions, and social classes.

Informed Consent

Because this platform requires students to have individual accounts and the data is stored outside of Canada, informed consent must be obtained from each student prior to use. To simplify this process, Yabla has been added to the Student Connect app (Secondary) and the Parent Connect App (Middle)

Students and parents can login to this service, read through the privacy information, and indicate their consent once complete. This is a requirement for all students prior to use.

Teachers can access the admin portal of the app to track which students have completed the consent process. More information is available in this tutorial and in the video below.


Support Getting Started

All SD61 Secondary schools have been added to the Yabla platform. Teachers interested in accessing the service have a unique login link to set up their accounts. Middle schools can be added on a school by school basis.

** Important note, only use this link when registering a new teacher account **

Once teachers have created a username, they will receive the Yabla “Getting Started” directions via e-mail. In this e-mail, you will find instructions on how to create classes, add students, send assignments, etc.

These directions, along with video tutorial clips, can also be found on the Yabla site at this link: