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Engaging All Learners in the Middle Years – Year 1 – Webinar #2

Greater Victoria School District would like to invite educators in BC to join in a shared conversation about engaging all learners in the middle years. This three-part webinar series will be hosted by Dr. Leyton Schnellert.  This webinar will include guests Stacey Parsons and Breton Close, who will be brought in remotely from Ashcroft SD74.

Part 1: Developing Self-Regulating Learners


Part 2: Varied and On-going Assessment


Part 3: Challenging, Exploratory, Integrative and Relevant Curriculum


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Developing Self-Regulating Learners (Chapter #1) – PDF

Webinar #2 Slides – PDF

Desert Sands Community Middle, SD74,  Interdisciplinary Project –  Slides – PDF  (G-Suite Slides click here)

Desert Sands Community Middle School, SD74, Interdisciplinary Project, Screencast Commentary



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