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Secondary 10-12

Grade 10-12 Curriculum Drafts

Updated Grade 10 curriculum comes into effect September 2018, Grade 11-12 curriculum will begin in September 2019

Drafts of the Grades 10-12 redesigned curriculum are ready for optional use in classrooms for the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years. As with K-9 curriculum, redesigned Grades 10-12 curriculum is intended to support both disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning, encourage locally developed curriculum, and enable a variety of learning environments.

Your feedback will help improve the curriculum drafts, please consider submitting thoughts and comments to this link as they are all given consideration during the upcoming (Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 revision process)

Educator Update: Graduation Years Grades 10-12 (January 2017)

Curriculum Comparison Guides

These guides compare the old curriculum to the new drafts, for Grades 10-12. The guide is intended to support school counselors, school administrators, teachers and district staff as the Ministry prepares to implement the new curriculum. The guide is also intended to help post-secondary institutions understand the changes to curriculum.

Subject Resources

Board / Authority Authorized (BAA Courses)

Board authorized courses are designed to meet local community needs while providing choice and flexibility for students. Each secondary school offers a variety of board authorized courses that provide unique opportunities for students to explore particular subject areas in greater depth.

By July 2018, all existing Grade 10 BAA courses must be updated to the revised BAA Framework that embodies the Know, Do, Understand model of the revised BC curriculum. By July 2019, all Grade 11 & 12 BAA courses must also be updated to this framework.

Process for submitting a BAA proposal:

  1. Review the Ministry of Education’s BAA Requirements & Procedures guide
  2. Consult with your school administration
  3. Download the revised BAA Template
  4. Use the BAA application checklist to guide your process.
  5. Submit BAA application to your school administrator for review.
  6. Upon approval, you administrator will submit your BAA application to the SD61 Learning Team.
  7. The Learning Team will provide feedback on your application using the BAA assessment form and then work with you to prepare for the final school board presentation.
  8. Present your course proposal to the SD61 School Board.

BAA timeline for a potential September course start:

  • November 1 – Intent to create BAA course must be declared to administration.
  • December 1 – BAA Application draft must be submitted by administration to the Learning Team
  • January 15th – Final draft of BAA application should be complete.
  • February – BAA proposal presented to the SD61 School Board
  • If application is successful, course can begin the following September.

BAA Application Resources